About Worm Fancy

Our passion is the redirection of food waste going into our landfills. Worm Fancy was started by two Sacramento Suburban Mom's. Worm Fancy was started to bring vermicomposting to the local elementary schools. After visiting the school lunchroom and watching the volume of food waste put in the trash everyday we knew something had to be done. Unfortunately there are no funds to start a vermicomposting project in the school system. So we started Worm Fancy to help fund our outreach into the schools. In our first four months Worm Fancy has placed 9 composting bins into the local elementary schools and have been picking up salad bar waste weekly from multiple schools to feed to our own herd of worms. We have also volunteered many wonderful hours spreading awareness about vermiculture at many Earth Day and Green Living community events.

Worm Fancy is your ideal Sacramento area source to buy worms and worm castings (excrement of the earthworm called vermicompost). Worm Fancy is a local business focused on waste reduction and teaching people about vermiculture or vermicomposting.  We want you to learn to successfully use composting worms to compost your kitchen scraps and turn them into odorless organic fertilizer for your garden or house plants. Setting up your own worm farm with our live red worms (Eisenia fetida – a.k.a: Red Wigglers, Brandling Worms, Manure Worms, Trout Worms) will ensure a happy vermiculture experience.

Almost 50% of household waste in California is organic material that can be composted.  Our dream would be to see a worm bin in every Sacramento Area home diverting tons of food waste from our landfills every year. Outreach in the elementary schools is one step in teaching how each household can make a difference in the reduction of waste. Worm Fancy would be happy to help you set up a worm bin in your home, ranch or office.  Worm Fancy  has helped the Sacramento Zoo start a vermicomposting program as well as many other Sacramento Area homes and offices.  Come visit our 'Suburban Worm Farm' and start on a path of environmentally greener living.

Please make a donation so that Worm Fancy can supply more worms and bins for area schools.

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Brenda says...

Worm Fancy is the greatest place to get your worms in the Sacramento area. They have the best customer service!

Doug and Tammy, Yuba City

Tammy and I would just like to thank you for your professionalism and patience in answering all our questions about vermiculture. We are very interested in the difference it will make in our garden this year. Even our son will be using the new Worm Factory 360 in his science fair project that compares plants with and without worm castings. We're already noticing the better health with it. Our time with you was pleasant and we will be sure to return! Thank you again and we'll keep you posted. composted. :D

Scott R. from Sacramento

I picked my worms today and it sure looks like a lot more than 2 pounds worth. I ordered a pound from another vendor and you gave me 5 times more than they did.